OMG!!!! Love these gear

Sarah Winters- Detroit, MI

This is the first time I've been able to wear workout leggings and have them come all the way up! At last. Thank you for fighting the fight to represent us sexy curvy girls. I workout. I'm strong, but I'm not a tiny little thing.

Finally Some Color Options

Beth Underwood- San Jose, CA

There are so many things I could say. So much. Many things. Many much and more. A happy customer. One thing I wish, though, is that there were more color options. I'd love to see some green.


Older Woman in Style....

Helen Porter- Dallas, TX

As an older woman I am a bit more self-conscious about what I wear to workout.  The unbelievable feeling I felt and the confidence I had in my new apparel my husband purchase for me was not only in style but had a great fit! Kiddos!


LEGGINGS feel great!!!

Nancy Carraway- Cleveland, OH

LOVING my new Active Ego leggings! So comfy and excited to workout in them



Heather Mosley- Houston, TX

This size chart is a GENIOUS! Totally transformed my way of shopping for my size