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Her Story




She looks in the mirror and sees power. Power in the fullness of her bust, hips and thighs. And she’ll put anyone in their place who thinks otherwise.


She’s particular about the garments that adorn her body. They should be flexible enough to wear the majority of the day, yet still exude a touch of personality.


She’s tired of having to wear multiple bras just to feel secure while jogging, running or simply trying to nail that yoga pose. She longs to do a set of jumping jacks without fearing a self-inflicted black eye. She’d love to show off her cute sports bra, wearing it publicly without worrying about a major case of sideboob.


She’s looking for a brand that gets her – a brand that understands her size, her shape, her essence deserves some attention.


Our Brand


Active Ego is committed to empowering the everyday woman by creating exciting, vibrant athleisure wear for sophisticated women, providing a secure fit for the more prominent areas of her body. Recognizing the limited selection that exists in athleisure wear for plus size women and also sports bra options for women with larger cup sizes, we design and create your athleisure gear to ensure that you are stylish without sacrificing comfort.


What’s Your Active Ego?

Picture two women with identical fitness goals and fitness ability. If they put in the same amount of work and effort, they should get similar results, right? Well, maybe not. Appearance plays a huge role in how we feel when we exercise. The lack of fashionable clothing options that full-size women encounter can alter their perception of the fitness experience.

Each woman has an Active Ego – a genuine expression of herself rooted in confidence that pushes her to accomplish her goals and challenges her to reach new levels.  This positive self-image is crucial when enduring the fitness experience. Looking and feeling ready for the occasion can make all the difference. So the question is, what’s your active ego?